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A few deals still make it to the closing table accompanied only by the regular cast of supporting characters - realtors, builders, banks. But as the real estate industry becomes more and more complex, the demand grows for specialized providers and services. Their role may be small, or not so; but regardless, niche experts are becoming an essential part of many transactions. Indeed, is niche the new normal…?





If you are providing construction financing we offer disbursement services. We will receive and review invoices and lien waivers from the general contractor, date down the closing file and receive and disburse your draw funds. Date down endorsements are charged separately and we do not perform site inspections.

   Policy Information - Construction Loans

   Fees (Unified Title Company LLC / Unified Title Company of Northern Colorado, LLC)



Contact our sister company, Align Group Insurance, for all of your auto, home and life insurance needs.



Deeds-in-lieu and loan modifications can and should be completed with minimal effort and expense. To help control costs, we offer limited closing services (e.g., collection of signatures on the few required documents, recording services) for both transaction types.

   Sample Estoppel Affidavit (to be recorded along with a deed-in-lieu).

   Policy Information - Loan Modifications

   Fees (Unified Title Company LLC / Unified Title Company of Northern Colorado, LLC)



Love them or hate them, short sales are a well-established part of the real estate industry. Both Unified Title Company LLC and Unified Title Company of Northern Colorado, LLC have dedicated departments of specialists to facilitate your short sales.