Location, location location… The adage is true. And by selecting Colorado, you have chosen well. The friendly people, temperate climate, industry and spectacular scenery make the Centennial State a first rate choice to live and work.

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Most prospective buyers have two immediate concerns/questions - how to find the right home and how to pay for it. If these are your concerns, you will discover that the answer is a team of real estate professionals working together for you. Even if you have already found a home and you are a cash buyer, you may deal with one or more of the individuals described below.



Your realtor…

Buying a home is a process and throughout the process your realtorInformation Windowwill wear many hats.

Unified Title Company believes that your home buying experience will proceed more smoothly if you retain the services of a real estate agent. The “journey” is challenging and an experienced professional is your best guide. In addition, in most instances you will incur no cost – a buyer’s agent will earn a co-op commission at closing that is paid by the seller.

Chances are, you will start the process with some guidelines as to what you are looking for - perhaps a three bedroom, three bath, multi-level located on the West side of town within 25 minutes of work. Hundreds of homes will meet your criteria. But there is a world of difference among a Victorian fixer-upper built in the 1920s, a Colorado-style and a patio home in a subdivision with a homeowners’ association that takes care of exterior maintenance. Your realtor is the one who will ask the probing questions, help establish your priorities and watch your non-verbal cues in order to find the right one for you. To complete this task, sheInformation Windowmust be part interrogator, part psychiatrist, and part mind reader.

Real estate professionals are an extraordinarily diverse group representing the entire spectrum of cultures, races, ages and income levels. This narrative adopts the convention of feminine pronouns to describe various members of the group. It is convention only and should not be interpreted as gender bias.

Once you settle on a home, your realtor will don her quasi-attorney hat to draft a purchase offer and negotiate with the seller in order to get you under contract on agreeable terms. When you go under contract, she will transform into a task master (keeping you on track to perform your due diligence) and a conductor (keeping all of the home buying instruments in harmony) as you move toward closing.


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