Who are our customers...?

On one hand, we serve borrowers, buyers and sellers by providing escrow services and by issuing owner’s policies. On the other hand, we serve the community of real estate professionals. Like the first group, some in the second are end-consumers - lenders receive loan policies, Realtors utilize our marketing department and many benefit from our extensive continuing education offerings. But mostly, we serve real estate professionals by serving their clients. Indeed, they bring the majority of borrowers, buyers and sellers through our doors. Without the second group, we would not long prosper.

Our customer vision would not be complete if it did not address both the end-consumer and the conduit. For the former, we are focused primarily on the quality of our products and services - a vision based on what we do. For the latter, we are focused on building and maintaining the trust that underlies their decision to involve us in their transactions - a vision based on who we are.