FOR OUR CUSTOMERS ~ Borrowers, buyers and sellers want a smooth closing and post-closing peace of mind. Real estate professionals want interaction that constantly reaffirms the decision to partner with us.

To these ends, Unified Title Company focuses on being proactive and accessible before and after closing; being the consummate professional at the table and consistently delivering high-quality products.


FOR OUR BUSINESS ~ Products and services must always align with current demand and anticipate the future.

To this end, Unified Title Company seeks out, develops and deploys the industry’s best tools and technologies in order to remain the leading edge provider.


FOR OUR EMPLOYEES ~ Passionate, energetic employees enable us to realize our customer and business visions.

To this end, Unified Title Company welcomes those who are committed to our goals, nurtures its budding talents and maintains an office environment that encourages personal and professional growth for all.



  • To adhere to our Mission.
  • To continuously hone our Vision.
  • To be fiscally prudent and to carry little or no corporate debt.
  • To conduct business using local resources and to be active in our communities.
  • To choose people over technology and embrace technologies that serve people well.
  • To always remember and appreciate our loyal customers.
  • To continuously seek new business opportunities and relationships.
  • To advance when others retreat.
  • To pair optimism with adversity and caution with exuberance.
  • To educate.
  • To listen.
  • To practice our motto - Excellence in Work, Integrity in Everything.